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Monteran L, Ershaid N, Scharff Y, Zoabi Y, Sanalla T, Ding Y, Pavlovsky A, Zait Y, Langer M, Caller T, Eldar-Boock A, Avivi C, Sonnenblick A, Satchi-Fainaro R, Barshack I, Shomron N, Zhang X and Erez N. Combining TIGIT blockade with MDSC inhibition hinders breast cancer bone metastasis by activating anti-tumor immunity. Cancer Discov. 2024 Mar 1. doi: 10.1158/2159-8290.CD-23-0762. Online ahead of print. PMID: 38427556. PDF 
 Shapir Itai Y, Barboy O, Salomon R, Bercovich A, Xie K, Winter E, Shami T, Porat Z, Erez N,
Tanay A, Amit A, and Dahan R.
Bispecific Immune Synapse Engager mediates dendritic-T cell
interactions resulting in potent anti-tumor immunity. Cell. 2024 Jan 18;187(2):375-389.e18. PDF 

Yofe I*, Shami T*, Cohen N*, Landsberger T, Sheban F, Stoler-Barak L, Yalin A, San Phan T, Li B,
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N # , Amit I # .
Spatial and temporal mapping of breast cancer lung metastases identify TREM2
macrophages as regulators of the metastatic boundary. Cancer Discov. 2023 Sep 27. PDF.
# Corresponding Author. 

Cohen N*, Mundhe D*, Deasy SK*, Adler O, Ershaid N, Shami T, Levi-Galibov O, Wassermann
R, Scherz-Shouval R, and Erez N.
Systemic signaling by breast cancer secreted factors
promotes lung metastasis by inducing a fibrotic pre-metastatic niche. Cancer Res. 2023 Aug 7. PDF.

Goldman O, Adler LN, Hajaj E, Croese T, Darzi N, Galai S, Tishler H, Ariav Y, Lavie D, Fellus-
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Wolf I, and Erez A.
Early infiltration of innate immune cells to the liver depletes HNF4a and
promotes extra-hepatic carcinogenesis. Cancer Discov. 2023 Mar 27. PDF.

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Monteran L, Ershaid E, Sabah I, Fahoum I, Zait Y, Shani O, Cohen N, Eldar-Boock A, Satchi-Fainaro R, and Erez N. Bone metastasis is associated with acquisition of mesenchymal phenotype and immune suppression in a model of spontaneous breast cancer metastasis. Sci Rep. 2020 Aug 14;10(1):13838. PDF

Shani O, Raz Y, Monteran L, Scharff Y, Levi-Galibov O, Megides O, Shacham H, Cohen N, Silverbush D, Avivi C, Sharan R, Madi A, Scherz-Shouval R, Barschak I, Tsarfaty I, and Erez N. Evolution of  fibroblasts in the lung metastatic microenvironment is driven by stage-specific transcriptional plasticity. 2021. eLife. PDF

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