The Team

Prof. Neta Erez

Principal investigator

Active Members

Dr. Noam Cohen

Lab manager

Studying the role of the microenvironment in facilitating mammary carcinogenesis and in the formation of a lung metastatic niche

Dr. Neta Solomon, MD

Ph.D. Student

Characterizing the role of fibroblasts in peritoneal metastasis of ovarian carcinoma

Omer Adler

MD Ph.D. student

Elucidating the role of astrocytes in facilitating melanoma brain metastasis and brain tropism 

Dr. Sarah Spaeh

Postdoctoral Fellow

Characterizing the role of tumor-derived factors in promoting a favorable lung metastatic niche through the induction of fibrosis

Yael Zait

Ph.D. Student

Investigating the contribution of melanoma-derived exosomes on activation of astrocytes and microglia at the brain metastatic niche and characterize the relationship between astrocytes and microglia  that facilitate melanoma brain metastasis

Dr. Nour Ershaid

MD Ph.D. student

Uncovering the role of cancer-associated fibroblasts in facilitating the progression, metastasis, and chemo-resistance of breast cancer

Ophir Shani

MD Ph.D. Student

Elucidating the role of cancer-associated fibroblasts in driving an immunosuppressive and growth-promoting microenvironment during breast cancer progression and metastasis

Tatiana Vorobyov

M.Sc. Student

The effects of Cancer Associated Fibroblasts (CAFs) derived IL-33 on Lung immune cells

Dor Lavie

Ph.D. student

Investigating the microenvironment of breast cancer, focusing on the role of cancer-associated fibroblasts (CAFs) in breast cancer progression and metastasis

Tamar Shami

Ph.D. Student

Characterize the microenvironment in lung metastases of melanoma and breast cancer

Lea Monteran

Ph.D. Student

Investigating the role of stromal cells in creating a favorable niche for breast cancer bone metastases

Yeela Scharf

Ph.D. student

Temporal and spatial characterization of fibroblasts plasticity during lung metastasis progression

Yossi Ben dor

MD Ph.D. student

The effect of combining checkpoint inhibitors with metabolic perturbations on the immune microenvironment in melanoma brain and lung metastasis

Former Members

Dr. Yoray Sharon

Research Associate 

Dr. Lilach Abramovitz

Lab Manager

Dr. Marianna Romzova

Post-doctoral fellow

Dr. Lina Alon

Lab Manager

Malak Amer

M.Sc. student

Dr. Yael Raz-Yana, MD

Ph.D student

Dr. Amir Ben Shmuel

Lab Manager 

Dr. Charlotte Servais

Postdoctoral Fellow

Sarah Glanz

M.Sc. student

Dr. Anat Klein

Ph.D student

Dr. Hila Schwartz

MD Ph.D. 

Tzlil Gener-Lahav

M.Sc. student

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